CineOrch v2 Update

(For those who purchased prior to August 31st, 2012. New purchases already contain this update.)

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CineOrch is an orchestral library enhancer to improve the realism of a composer's mockups, and now it's better than ever. Improvements to CineOrch orchestral sample library include:

  • Rebuilding of ALL the loops for long notes, so there are no longer any dips in the loop points
  • Removal of stage noises in the samples
  • Balancing of high frequency problems
  • Use of alternate methods to remove bad notes

We've also added a completely NEW sample set - the Vivaldi Tremolos. With this new patch, you can:

  • Switch between sul ponticello and regular tremolos
  • Use dynamic blending
  • Have the ability to blend high cellos with low violins (you decide how much of each instrument you want to use)

Important: This update contains both new instrument files and entirely new samples. You can view detailed installation instructions here and the installation video here

IMPORTANT: These files have been watermarked with unique information specific to you, and can be traced back to your order information. Your IP address is also logged and monitored by our provider. Do NOT share this library.